Supervision for Hypnotherapists

I am a qualified NCH Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Supervisor. I offer monthly one to one and group supervision sessions on Zoom. I supervise over 40 fully qualified hypnotherapists in the UK. 

I am a Senior Lecturer at CPHT Preston, CPHT Chester, CPHT York and CPHT Liverpool Hypnotherapy Training in Speke.

What is it?

Supervision is a structured, progressive and accountable process formalised in regular meetings between a hypnotherapist and supervisor.

  • The sessions aim to assist the supervisee with exploring case studies and encouraging self-evaluation.
  • Supervision aims to assist and support the supervisee to provide the best possible outcomes for all the clients.
  • It helps you stay energised, enthused and focused
  • Being a therapist can be a lonely occupation, and going to group supervision is a really sociable activity
  • It’s enormously helpful and tremendous fun


For the first 3 years of qualified practice and 300 client hours, the NCH requires a minimum of 30 minutes per month, or an average of 6 hours per year of contracted supervision with an NCH accredited supervisor. It is at the supervisor’s discretion to agree an amount and frequency of supervision which is proportional to the volume of clients seen, provided that this reaches the minimum requirement across the year on average.


Group sessions are held twice every two months on Zoom.

One to one sessions can be arranged on an ad hoc basis on Zoom.