Help improve your ability to relax with hypnotherapy

Improve your ability to relax with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy helps you relax not only in the sessions but when you need to.

Our lives can be so busy at times we can battle on, to the detriment to our body and mind. Our own well-being can often be at the bottom of the list. Hypnotherapy is one of the easiest ways to 'empty our stress bucket' and reach a deep level of relaxation.

Stress levels can be lowered and a sense of calm and control can be rediscovered. Relaxation is an important and valuable part of a healthy and well balanced life style. With regular practice we can feel the benefits of the session.

We know that it is easier to create a relaxed feeling when we are playing music or reading a book. We want our clients to be able to stay relaxed and calm in situations that allow them to function more effectively and creatively. In the initial consultation Cathy gives her clients a hypnotic track that effects the blood chemistry and helps with successful sleep. This track can be used between sessions to create a state of relaxation whenever the person may need to reduce anxiety.


A recent ‘Clinical Review’ of hypnosis and relaxation therapies published in the British Medical Journal looked at the existing research on hypnosis and concluded: ‘There is good evidence from randomised controlled trials that both hypnosis and relaxation techniques can reduce anxiety, the same report also concluded that hypnosis was proven to be effective in treating panic attacks and phobia.