Improve your performance at work or sport

Improve performance at work or sport

Do you need help to improve your performance at work? Do you want to maximise your sporting potential?

We are familiar with the stories of the professional golfers nerves getting the better of them in a competition or the footballer losing their temper on the pitch. Similarly, that important presentation at work or a pending wedding speech and you are worried that your nerves will take over. 

Performance improves when you feel calm and in control

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has been enormously successful in enabling people who face these stressful situations to perform better.  Cathy cannot improve your skill level but she can help you make the most of your ability and dedication. Hypnotherapy can help you achieving your best on the golf course, running track or in the exam room. Achieving your goal free from anxiety and in control can be empowering and satisfying.

Hypnotherapy also uses aspects of mental rehearsal, a concept that has around for many years.

The Russian gymnast team in the Sydney Olympics in 1956 used visualisation techniques. Eleven hypnotherapists accompanied the team and it proved an overwhelming success, with the Russian team being placed at the top of the medal table.

At Birkdale Hypnotherapy Cathy has helped many golfers, both professional and non professional. The technique she uses is goal focused visualisation. It is this same technique that was used to assist Glen Catley in achieving the title of World Champion Boxer in the Super Middleweight division.

Here is a blog from Cathy, tutor at CPHT Hypnotherapy Training on the role of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy on sporting performance.