Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help reduce pain

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help people reduce pain for those who are experiencing certain types of discomfort or chronic pain.

Let me explain how the hypnotherapy can help reduce pain

When we experience pain, it can make us tired and irritable. Furthermore those things that we normally take in our stride can be overwhelming for us. Our ability to cope with pain reduces as our stress levels increase. We may become more focused on the discomfort itself.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is designed to reduce stress levels. It allows us to re-focus on the aspects of life that we enjoy. In turn, it increases our ability to cope with the discomfort that we may be experiencing.

In short, the brain produces its own natural feel good chemical, serotonin. This assists in enhancing our mood and diminishes the pain message that our brain is receiving.

The therapy aims to increase serotonin levels in the blood. We do this by refusing your attention on the positive areas within your life. It encourages positive actions, positive activity and the most important positive thinking.

It may sound simple but the results are extremely effective. During the initial consultation we explore how and why we feel pain and how the hypnotherapy can directly impact the pain message.

For those who suffer with chronic pain will know that it is not just a physical condition but emotional too.

If you are concerned about a physical condition, it is important to remember to consult your doctor.

Using hypnotherapy to reduce stress levels helps many people with weight management, panic attacks and improving sleep. However helping somebody to reduce their levels of pain can be the most rewarding of all.

Standards in Hypnotherapy

I am a member of the Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapists, which insists on the highest standards of practice among its members. Members are expected to be fully insured, attend regular supervision sessions and engage in their own Career Professional Development to ensure best practice.

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