Hypnotherapy and Happiness in 2018

How do we improve our happiness? Hypnosis is a natural state neither positive or negative. Hypnotherapy provides an enjoyable state of relaxation which allows an opening or belief in our imagination. A single mind, without distraction, a single mind more focused on one aim. Our happiness.

But what does it mean?

Happiness is the driver for the human race. Sometimes in our pursuit for happiness we don’t check to see if we have got there. Happiness is a simple word to describe many things under the surface. It is a nominal concept and we are all different in our pursuit of pleasure, the meaning of life, having that sense of purpose.

So what is stopping us? Do we deserve to be happy? Waiting for happiness is a common perception.

Everybody can change their lives, we do it all the time. We get through difficulties, change our opinions, alter our behavior. But what is important is we do it in our own way.

Stuff  happens to us all the time, we lose someone close, we make mistakes, we cheat on that diet we have promised our selves we would stick to.

So how does our mind work and how does hypnotherapy help?

One thing we can miss is that we are aware we have one brain but do we know we have two minds. The first developed a couple of million years called the primitive mind (limbic system) and has never been updated.  The second is our intelligent mind that get things done and is generally positive. The primitive/limbic system is the part that holds are inappropriate fears and phobias.

Let’s look at our primitive brain at its best

Imagine we were to walk down the street and heard a loud bang, what would happen? Our heart rate would increase, we may start to panic and we would be off like a shot. Our primitive brain has taken control, we have been hijacked. In this scenario we would be pleased with our fast reactions however this is what happens when our anxiety rises in our lives generally.

Having the ability to understand the connection between stress/ anxiety helps us to regulate it. We know that our primitive brain can take front stage if our anxiety levels are high. When this occurs we don’t have access to our intellectual mind that knows what the best solution will be.

Hypnosis helps us to reduce stress levels and returns the intellectual mind to the driving seat. In the pursuit of happiness our intellectual mind knows exactly what we need to do. It may be going out more, taking up golf again or something as simple as helping others.

The process of becoming happy is within our control and if that means some relaxing hypnotherapy sessions then an easy price to pay. Call Cathy today on 07825 047849 and book in for the Initial Consultation.

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