Hypnotherapy and GOLF ‘TWO FOR ONE’

As a Clinical hypnotherapist and tutor at CPHT HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING, I am a member of various associations. These include the AFsFH, NCH (National Council of Hypnotherapy) and the CNHC. Occasionally when I become inspired I will happily write articles to be published in their magazines and it happened last month.

Living in Birkdale, Southport I am surrounded by golf courses, 12 in fact, within a 10 miles radius. No surprising then, that some of my clients are members of local golf clubs.

In the past six months I noticed a growing trend, which I have found both interesting but not unsurprising. Over a number of sessions I would see people receive significant relief from anxiety conditions, depression and sleeping problems. However I noticed something else. Some clients seemed to be benefitting from a TWO FOR ONE offer. At the beginning of each session I ASK MY CLIENTS ‘what’s been good’ SINCE I LAST SAW THEM. I noticed the appearance of the words ‘swing’, ‘pitch’ and ‘putting’.

Not only was I helping them cope better, manage relationships and feel more in control, I was having a significant effect on their golf performance. Furthermore, realising that hypnotherapy was now improving their game; they began to use the sessions to improve their game. As news spread about the effects of solution focused hypnotherapy and because of my convenient situation in Birkdale, I became pretty popular in the golfing fraternity.

Earlier in the blog I said that I wasn’t surprised by this sports improvement that my customers seemed to be enjoying. Why?

George Hall a Vietnam veteran who endured one of the longest captivities as a prisoner of war in American History, spent the majority of his time in solitary confinement. He was released after seven and a half years long years. George Hall was a keen golfer and the captain of the US Naval Academy Golf team, playing off scratch. On release, and not in particularly good health, he was invited to play at a charity golf event and played close to his handicap.

Although a man of few words, he described how he played imaginary golf in his head at least once a week, in his 7-foot by 7-foot cell. He would imagine hitting every shot, walking and chatting to friends from one hole to the next.  He said he never imagined having birdies; a pleasant round of golf is all he wanted.

The use of visualisation or mental rehearsal techniques we know is not a new concept. The Russian gymnast team in the Sydney Olympics of 1956 used such techniques. With their entourage of 11 hypnotherapists, it proved an overwhelming success, the Russians being placed at the top of the medal table.

So let’s imagine that you are a relatively proficient tennis player with a tournament looming. To supplement your chances of winning you engage in a few private lessons to perfect your volley. You already understand what you need to do to achieve the perfect volley, but it doesn’t seem to happen every time. Your tennis teacher explains exactly what seems to be going wrong in detail, you become an expert in what not to do.

So let’s imagine now you visit a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and you engage in some deep relaxing visualisation; slamming the ball into the left hand corner of the court with a look of intent on your face.  In that situation it can be the perfect volley, no mistakes made, no criticism received and no negative reflection.

How often have you heard people say ‘its all in the mind’?

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