Helping children with Hynotherapy

Helping Children

Hypnotherapy can help children and adolescents

Do you need help with child anxiety?

Hypnotherapy can help children and adolescents because it can be tough being a child/adolescent. Although anxiety is a normal part of childhood, there are times or episodes when anxiety is more prevalent. Exam time can be particularly stressful. Usually harmless, these phase are often temporary and can be dealt with by the parent. But children who suffer from an anxiety disorder may experience extreme fear, nervousness, and shyness. They may develop behavioral problems and start to avoid places and activities.

Hypnotherapy for children is firstly fun and it's about adapting the session to their understanding. Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, depression, social phobias and obsessional compulsive disorders amongst others.

Children can be seen for hypnotherapy treatment with Cathy after the age of 8. All children or teenagers below the age of 17 must be seen, in the first instance, with their parent or legal guardian, who will be required to provide signed consent to ongoing treatment.


A new study published in the Journal Translational Psychiatry in May 2017 contains some alarming data about the rising rate of depression in adolescents in the United States. Previous studies surveys have already shown us that children and adolescents represent the fastest growing group of depression sufferers. However this new study shows that depression continues to strike at younger and younger ages with a significant bias towards girls.

We know that depressed children become depressed adults so recognizing these risk factors and symptoms are important to prevent depression in later life.

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