Get help on handling your addiction

Handling addictions

Hypnotherapy helps addictions

An addiction is controlling and often we have a feeling of guilt associated with it. Hypnotherapy can help you take back control, help you understand that you can make the right choices and successfully overcome the problem. It seems that one part of our mind is encouraging us to take part in an inappropriate habit (pro-lobby) and and the other part is saying NO (anti- lobby). If the Pro lobby is winning then it tips the balance and you continue the behavior.

Hypnotherapy allow you to use more of your mind in a fundamental different way in relation to what you want. We make the anti- lobby win the debate and we start to take control. The client needs to be determined to make changes and is motivated to attend the sessions.

Cathy can help with the following:

Alcohol abuse
Drug abuse
Quit smoking
Gambling addiction
Sex addiction
Food addiction

Cathy does not underestimate how difficult it can be to give up an addiction without help. Contact her today to find out more on 07825 047849.