Hypnotherapy helps with conception

Improve your chance of conception with hypnotherapy

Research into conception and hypnotherapy has shown that couples who are worried about conceiving are less likely to conceive than those who are relaxed. The birth process can frighten women and they can often find it more painful than those who feel in control.

Physical and emotional barriers to conception can be dissolved through the process of deep states of relaxation induced by hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful way to increase the possibility of a successful pregnancy. It can be used either as an individual therapy or in conjunction with other complementary therapies.

If there is no physical cause of infertility, a psychological element may be present. The psychological causes can be targeted by hypnotherapy and which allows the mind/body balance to return to normal.


Click here for an article from Psychology Today highlighting the impact that hypnosis can have on improving conception rates.

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