Build confidence and self- esteem

Build confidence

Do you need more confidence? 

We may need to attend an important interview or need help delivering a presentation at work. Lack of confidence and low esteem can also have a detrimental effect on our social lives. It may prevent us being happy and seizing opportunities. So whether it is associated with our relationships, at work, at home or when we are socialising, hypnotherapy can make a real difference.

Solution Focused hypnosis allows us to access the subconscious mind. Clients can revise and replace negative beliefs, thoughts and behaviours. The result is a new and motivated attitude with increased self-belief. 

Using psychotherapy and a combination of visualisation techniques in trance, people can build their confidence throughout the sessions. Furthermore each of the sessions directly addresses current and relevant issues in that persons life.  The simple process is designed to optimise your ability to feel good about yourself and to solidly build self esteem. Catherine had hypnotherapy to help her teach at CPHT Leeds. ‘It really helped me stay calm and focused when I needed to’.

If you would like to improve your confidence and be the best you can Book in with Cathy for the initial consultation.

 Everyone can benefit from hypnosis to build confidence.

Zayn Malik, British singer, songwriter used hypnotherapy to prepare for the American Award Ceremony.

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