Use hypnotherapy to alleviate your phobia

Alleviate Phobias

How hypnotherapy can alleviate phobias

You are not alone! Phobias are extremely common and around 10% of adults have some type of phobia.

Many of us have situations or elements that make us uncomfortable. For some people this can be an overwhelming source of stress and may even lead us to avoiding situations. This can effect the way people normally live their lives.

Phobias can be split into specific and non specific:

Specific phobias are where every other aspect of a persons life is normal. People with a specific phobia have a one particular element that creates a fear response. e.g spiders, flying, and needles. We can help those with a specific problem by using  a combination of NLP and Trance. These can be dealt with in 4 sessions:

Non- Specific phobias are where a fear response has crept further into a persons life. e.g agoraphobia and emetophobia, these phobias may require 8-10 sessions.

How the process works

  1. INITIAL CONSULTATION  Explanation of what is happening in our brain when we suffer from a specific phobia. The process of trance and its effects are explained.
  2. PRE-REWIND SESSION  A relaxing session of hypnosis. The familiarisation of the process  and how it feels encourages the trance state and aids its efficiency.
  3. REWIND  In a safe and controlled hypnotic state, the memory of the traumatic event is explored. This process de-sensitises the event and vastly reduces the inappropriate response.
  4. REFRAME  This is when we introduce a new and appropriate response pattern. We are going to introduce a new calm and controlled frame of reference.

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