Hypnotherapy Targets Exam Stress!

Hypnotherapy for exam stress can be a real help at this time of year when thousands of people up and down the country are taking their exams. It’s not only ‘A’ level students and university graduates, there are many people taking exams leading to professional qualifications.  Many rely on a good pass grade to obtain a professional qualification leading to employment, or even being able to keep their job.

Although most of us get through exams without too much difficulty in the end. There are a significant number of us for whom the pressure can become too much. This can sometimes lead to poor results even though we may have the knowledge and ability to pass the qualification easily.

‘Some exam stress can be useful’

“It is completely normal, and in some ways a positive thing, to feel some anxiety around preparing for and taking exams, just as it can be with other important events in life. A little bit of anxiety, that ‘nervous tension’, can actually act as a motivator. I can help the person to focus their attention, keeping the mind alert. However, exam stress becomes a problem when it reaches a level where it interferes with the ability to prepare for and perform in exams. Too high an anxiety level interferes with memory, coherent and creative thinking and can also create a negative mindset, which in turn can lead to panic.”

‘I can remember trying to keep focused when revising and losing my appetite, it was a stressful time for me. Hypnotherapy targets exam stress by helping calm nerves and it work works quickly and effectively. It reduces unwanted stress during study periods enabling you to feel more in control on the exam day’.

‘Since having hypnotherapy myself I am much calmer and I find the whole study process easier and more enjoyable. Let me help you to achieve that too’.  Contact me if you think I can help you by clicking here to find out how.

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