Welcome to Birkdale Hypnotherapy

Hello, my name is Catherine Eland. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist at Birkdale Hypnotherapy and online. I have been helping people improve their lives for the past 10 years. My focus is to provide all my clients with the most appropriate and modern therapeutic techniques available.

Being a Hypnotherapy Lecturer at CPHT Liverpool, Chester, York and Preston means you will be receiving therapy from a highly experienced and skilful therapist. Furthermore, I am an NCH registered supervisor. I support other hypnotherapist with their practices, skills and knowledge.

Birkdale Hypnotherapy can help with:

Anxiety and stress


Weight Management


Chronic Pain

Stop Smoking

Confidence  and many more conditions.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

At Birkdale Hypnotherapy we use modern Solution Focused techniques. It is a combination of psychotherapy techniques and hypnosis. The psychotherapy allows us to explore the solutions. In addition, the hypnosis enhances the effects of the psychotherapy. We also include the best techniques from CBT and NLP.

The purpose is to achieve swift and long lasting change. Importantly, we do not need to delve into the problem for the hypnotherapy to be successful. Equally important to the client, is that the sessions are uplifting, powerful and robust. Our clients often refer to the sessions as the highlight of their week. In contrast with other therapies, we also have some fun.

Book a consultation with Birkdale Hypnotherapy

If you would like to book the Initial Consultation with Catherine Eland please click here or alternatively give me a ring on tel: 07825 047849. This is a 50 minute session and it explains why you are experiencing the problem and how the hypnotherapy works. This is a vital element of the therapy process. There is no hypnosis in this initial consultation.





Stop Smoking